(eBook) Timeless by Rosaline Saul



Timeless is a spellbinding journey through love, magic, and the power of destiny.

Heather O'Halloran has lost her faith in love, scarred by her parents' heartbreaking divorce. Determined never to allow herself to fall deeply in love, she builds walls around her heart but fate has other plans in store for her when she encounters Keiran and Jayden, two mesmerizing boys who awaken feelings within her. Keiran, who embodies the essence of summer, and Jayden, with his irresistible charm, both hold a magnetic pull over Heather's heart.

As Heather delves deeper into their world, she discovers the existence of magic and the undeniable truth that this is not their first encounter. Bound together by a curse woven by a vengeful witch, the trio has traversed the ages, endlessly entwined in a cycle of love, heartbreak, and reincarnation. Heather is forced to make an impossible choice between the brothers, and with each wrong decision, she meets her demise, only to be reborn while the brothers remain, awaiting her return.

Immerse yourself in a love story that defies the limitations of time itself.

  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy / Wizards & Witches

  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Magical Realism

  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Book Details

Imprint ‏ : ‎ Fiction for the Soul Books

ISBN : 9781393612537

First Published Date : 1 November 2012

Language ‏ : ‎ English

Reading age ‏ : ‎ 13 and up

About the Author

Rosaline is passionate about writing and loves sharing her stories with others. Her books often contain messages of hope and empowerment. She strives to create stories that are inspiring and meaningful, and her books often have a positive impact on young readers.

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