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Dive into the enchanting world of The Reaper, a young adult sweet romance that defies the boundaries of fate and captures the essence of love, life, and the extraordinary dance between the living and the afterlife.

Taylor Fergusson's life is marked by a series of near misses and inexplicable mishaps, weaving a cosmic tapestry of accidents that should have led her into the arms of the Reaper just days after her birth. Fate, however, has other plans as Taylor and Daimhin, the ethereal guide of souls, embark on a dance with destiny that transcends the realms of the living.

In a twist of fate, Taylor and Daimhin strike a deal that alters the very fabric of the afterlife. As the Reaper entrusted with her soul, Daimhin finds himself drawn to Taylor in ways he never imagined. Together, they navigate a fragile balance between life and death, forging a connection that defies the rules of the cosmos.

When upper management discovers Daimhin's compassionate deviation from the celestial script, his own future is thrust into uncertainty. The consequences of sparing Taylor's soul ripple through the cosmic hierarchy, challenging the very essence of the Reaper's existence. As the threads of fate unravel, love becomes both a salvation and a threat.

Join Taylor Fergusson and Daimhin, the Reaper who dared to defy destiny, in a tale where every heartbeat echoes with the delicate balance between mortality and the supernatural.

  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / Clean & Wholesome

  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy / Romance

  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Book Details

Imprint ‏ : ‎ Fiction for the Soul Books

ISBN : 9781393217091

First Published Date : 4 October 2013

Language ‏ : ‎ English

Reading age ‏ : ‎ 13 and up

About the Author

Lynette Ferreira writes sweet romance stories for teens and young adults about first love, really cute boys, kissing and all the drama.

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